Quality Assurance

Quality Control Department

Our commitment to growth is maintained through our strong focus on quality assurance, which is applied throughout all the stages of production and product development. All our practices conform to ISO 9001-2000 in order to ensure the highest quality and deliver superior products and services.
Our sense of responsibility and devotion towards our clients remains our biggest motivation in our business.

More specifically the quality assurance process is as follows:

-Quality Control of Raw Material
-Quality Control of Packaging Material
-Quality Control of Semi-ready Products
-Quality Control of Final Product
-Storing – Logistics – Deliver
-Productivity and Effectiveness Measurement of Procedure
-Microbiological Testing

Cutting Edge Technology

At Rolco we place great value on technological innovations and strive for constant improvement. We challenge convention and seek new ways of achieving excellence by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment that result in lower costs for our customers, increased productivity and friendliness towards the environment.

Ongoing Investments

Building a foundation of trust is of utmost importance to us and for this reason we are determined to strive for constant improvement of our status quo. We strongly believe and actively constantly invest in state of the art technology, as well as research and development for the creation of innovative products.