Our strength . . .  your loyalty!

Today and ever since our initial beginnings, over the whole 60-year course of upward development, we have never lost sight of the fact that we must remain a dynamic and continually evolving company to meet our customers’ needs. We draw our strength from the committed contribution of our staff, and from our guiding vision: to provide our customers with first-rate products designed to enhance every family’s daily quality of life.






The core values to which we are committed, values that have guided our standard-setting for many years, are the following:

  • – Responsibility
  • – Humane, Individualized Service
  • – Innovation
  • – Dynamic Development
  • – Social Responsibility
  • – Competitiveness
  • – Utilization of the best possible technology

We are committed to working hard, and to maintaining integrity and confidence through a clear sense of purpose that includes an acute awareness of our social responsibilities. We are respectful of both our community and the society as a whole. We follow these standards in our daily corporate activities, doing whatever is possible to fulfill our promises and the goals we have set for ourselves and for our company.

rolco 2009

We are proud that we have been steadily gaining the loyalty of Greek consumers and that with them we continually develop stable, long-term working relationships that are founded in mutual respect. We remain a wholesome Greek company that sustains a uniform enthusiasm and commitment to deliver dependable products while building consumers’ loyalty from generation to generation.

No one else understands the needs of the Greek household better than we do.